Know Your Rights to Your Debt; Make Use of IVA


The steel industry in the United States of America has suffered from the recession. This resulted not only in the closure of some steel companies but also in the massive layoffs. Because of this, some families that relied on the industry have incurred debts. They have been harassed by their creditors but at the moment, they have no way to pay it back. However, some of them see hope for the revival of the steel industry. If you are among these people, you can now seek to have an IVA agreement with your creditor. This refers to Individual Voluntary Agreement that the debtor makes with his creditor. Through this agreement, the debtor promises to pay his debt at a future date under the terms that he can afford.


How Can A Debtor Be Qualified to the IVA?

With the steel industry gaining momentum once again, there is great hope that those employees who were laid off will be hired again. The fact that they will be earning an income soon will allow them to promise to pay their debt after a certain period of time. Once their creditor agrees and the papers are signed, their debt is written off and the creditors cannot harass them again. They have to wait for the promised schedule of payment to collect what was owed from them.

If you are one of those workers in the steel companies who have incurred debts, you will be qualified for the IVA provided that your total debt is more than £10,000 and you have incurred it from two or more creditors.

However, student loans, arrears on child support, and magistrate court bills cannot be included when applying for an Individual Voluntary Agreement.

Is Individual Voluntary Agreement Part of Your Rights to Your Debt?

Yes, this is one of your rights to your debt. Getting into this form of agreement is one of your rights to your debt. You have the right to arrange with your creditors a specific date for you to pay them back at the rate that you can afford. So, if you think that you can be rehired in your company three months later, you can indicate in the agreement that you will start paying on that date. If you think that you cannot afford to pay in a lump sum, then, you can ask your creditors to let you pay on an installment basis.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the national consumer protection agency. The agency clearly states that collectors should not use unscrupulous methods of collecting payments for debts. They cannot call you before 8 o’clock in the morning and after 9 o’clock in the evening to collect. They cannot call you in your workplace if you have informed them that your employer does not allow you to entertain calls or collectors. They are not allowed to talk to a third party about your debt, and they cannot harass or abuse you.

You have the right to have an Individual Voluntary Agreement with them and after both of you have signed it, they cannot personally force you to pay. By knowing your rights, you will have the peace of mind while working in order to earn money to pay your debts.

the current state of the steel industry in America

What Does Trump Mean for Investing in the Metal Industry?

Long before being elected as President of the United States, Donald Trump had already made a name for himself in the business industry owning a lot of properties and becoming a business tycoon. Being a self-made billionaire says a lot about the man. He gets things done.

One can’t be a self-made billionaire if he doesn’t have the qualities to be one. Trump, however, has been making surprising moves during and after the election, once again adding to his identity.

why trump is concerned about the steel industry

Just Who Is Trump?

Trump has been a businessman for most of his life. He has an economics degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and took over the management of the Trump organization. With his real estate business, he was able to develop, renovate and construct many establishments and buildings.

He even licensed the use of his name for the branding of various properties and products. Trump owned the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants from 1996 to 2015. He also hosted a reality television series on NBC called ‘The Apprentice’. He really is a great businessman. However, the world of business may be very different from the world of politics.

With the current state of the steel industry, we can only wonder how Trump can manage everything being the President of the United States.

Buy American and Hire American

What does a Trump administration mean for those wanting to invest in the metal industry? Buy American and hire American: this has been the statement made by President Trump and he has been taking actions in order to implement his plans in buying and hiring American.

Many still have doubts that his plans are good for America (and by proxy, the world), however the rise in steel prices show his actions could be creating results. He has signed executive orders that have helped the steel industry by using American-produced materials and equipment to the maximum extent possible.

The Problem with the Steel Industry

The buy American policy has always been a priority of the American government. However, through the years, businesses have made the search to manipulate and look for loopholes in the law a matter of business principle, giving foreign businesses a way to offer their good at cheaper prices, putting pressure on American companies to compete. This created a great struggle for American producers to compete against imported goods from China, for example.

And as far as the steel industry is concerned, thousands of jobs have been lost because of the recession within industry. How does a Trump administration help or hinder investing in the metal industry? With Trump’s plan of reviving the steel industry, investors are hoping the industry will no longer be decimated and that it can recover from the damages incurred during the recession.

the current state of the steel industry in America

What Does Trump Mean for Investing in the Metal Industry?

Trump has always been a great businessman. However the world of politics is much different, as President Trump is discovering. The assumption that being a billionaire and successful CEO makes him competent to be president, has yet to be determined. He can afford whatever he wants in the world, that much is true.

Time will be the ultimate judge of whether Trump will be good for the world. But for now, the steel industry is a concern for Trump and he plans on reviving it. And investors seem to be ready to take a chance on Trump and his ideas and invest.

lithium and nickel are both essential metals in your iphone

Surprising Metals You Will Find In Your iPhone

Nearly everyone today owns a smartphone. Particularly, the iPhone that Apple has developed, is one of the most popular. Smartphones are vital communication tools and though an iPhone comes with a hefty price tag, users still flock to them because of their popularity. With the rise and development of apps, the use and features of smartphones continue to expand.

Gone are the days of the iPad. However, not many of us know that iPhones contain precious metals that enable it to perform its functions. Here are surprising metals you will find in your iPhone:

the amazing metals used in your iphone


Lithium is not the most surprising metal, but a metal nonetheless. Lithium is a staple in manufacturing because every rechargeable battery needs it to function. The design and technology behind an iPhone’s lithium battery enables it to last longer, charge faster and have a higher power density for a longer battery life. The lithium battery of the iPhone is also designed for convenience letting you charge the battery whenever you want as you won’t need the phone to be completely or nearly drained before charging.

Copper and Tungsten

Copper and Tungsten are used for conductivity. The iPhone contains copper, tungsten, gold and silver for its electrical wirings and connections. The kind of metal chosen in the micro electrical setup depends upon the need.


While the gold used in an iPhone isn’t pure gold, it still contains enough gold to justify this classification. Gold, like copper, acts as a conductor. However, gold is a much better conductor, more malleable and doesn’t tarnish.


Besides gold, the iPhone also makes use of silver. Silver is the most conductive metal and its use is vital for the electrical networks within the phone. Silver, along with copper, tungsten and gold create a sophisticated and ideal electrical system.

Anodized Aluminum

The newest iPhones have metal cases made from aluminum which has undergone the process of anodization. The shell may be slim but it is very durable and can withstand extreme punishment.


Tantalum is a rare metal that is very resistant to corrosion. This metal is used to regulate the electrical flow within the phone. Tantalum also makes up the major composition of the micro-capacitors.

Tin and Lead

Tin and lead are used in soldering the electronics within the phone. However, newer solderings now only use tin, copper and silver, enabling the process of soldering to be lead-free.

lithium and nickel are both essential metals in your iphone


Nickel is a ductile and tough metal belong to transition metals. Nickel is used for the microphones and is also used for the electrical network of the phone. Along with nickel, alloys are also used for the magnets inside the speakers. Nickel is also used and can be included in creating the phone cases for them to have reduced electromagnetic interference.

These metals are just a few of the interesting components of your mobile device. You’ll be surprised to know there are more elements present within an iPhone besides these precious metals. All of them together make an iPhone function very well and enables users to run their apps. The next time you look at your iPhone, know that it contains some very fascinating and sophisticated materials.